I have attended many training programs and have conducted quite a few, and I just want to commend you on a great job you did for us this past weekend. Many of the participants had no previous experience or knowledge of adjusting, contracting or the insurance business, and you carried all of us through it. I heard only praise for your work. If there is anything you need in Louisiana in the future, please give me a call.

Warren K
Baton Rouge, LA


I work as an Independent Insurance Adjuster. I started out in this industry through the help of great friends who went out on 2004 Hurricane Storm Season to adjust claims for insured victims. I went out on the 2005 Hurricane storm season and closed over 330+ claims. I enjoyed the adventure of indemnifying individuals property and the money was good too. Steve told my wife Olga and I about the classes he was leading and we signed on the dotted line. Olga’s back ground is in commercial insurance - jewelry lines and we would like to work together on the road in due season. The first class we attended together was the All Lines Insurance Adjusting License. She and I both learned much more than we thought and have grown in our carriers since. I attended the Adjusting 101 class and thought it was so great. If I would have taken this class 2 years ago, I would have been so much more prepared and able to do my job to the fullest in the hurricanes of 2005. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable due to their experience, not just their head knowledge. This is so needed in the world of adjusting as well as in all aspects of leadership. The workbooks are full of the latest information to prepare one for greatness as an adjuster and even for looking back through if there are questions later. There will be questions later, no matter how great an adjuster is. Olga and I recommend this class for individuals who want to make a great carrier move or for those already in the insurance industry for Continuing Education. Thanks CIA Training Academy!

Jason and Olga C.
Licensed Insurance Adjusters
Dallas, TX


The class you guys gave was very well put together and upbeat. I absorbed a great deal of knowledge through all 3 classes i took. I am glad it was not your normal everyday boring mono-tone lecture. The hands-on teaching and models on the overhead were really great too! In fact I have only been out of class almost 2 weeks and already I have a few prospects for employment. Thanks again for the time you guys invested in this course and easy to use manuals.

Jeff L.
Lake Charles, LA


I am a general contractor and had been looking at moving into the field of Catastrophe Insurance Adjusting but did not have the knowledge to pursue the business. Then I met Steve Patrick through a friend. Soon thereafter, I decided to take the CIA classes and completed all three courses. Early one morning I had to meet a staff adjuster to inspect a roof that was totaled (as a contractor), and it was the day after I had completed the adjusting 101 class. Not only was the insurance adjuster dumbfounded by my knowledge of measuring a very cut-up roof, he asked me to draw the house to scale because he was not able to do so. I was in total awe to find out that he was not only an adjuster, but a staff adjuster for 4 years! So we briefly discussed where I learned the trade, and he too will be taking the courses! I personally, without a doubt not only recommend, but strongly advise, CIA Training Academy to anyone wanting to be the best in CAT Adjusting!

Jordan W.
Grapevine, TX


Before I went to the CIA Training Academy, I had no idea where to begin when it came to insurance adjusting, but after the courses that Steve, Jason, and Adam put on, I feel confident that I'm ready for a hurricane or any other kind of storm.

Randy H.
Lake Charles, LA


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