CIA in our name (CIA Training Academy) stands for Catastrophe Insurance Adjuster. Today more than ever, the claims adjusting industry is in desperate need of experienced, well trained professionals. We train interested individuals how to be just that – well trained professionals. Independent Catastrophe (CAT) Adjusting is one of America’s best kept secrets – in fact, Parade Magazine said insurance adjusting is one of the nine hottest jobs in America in an article in their April of 2007 issue. We believe that Catastrophe Adjusting is easily the best paying hard work that the average American (with or without a college degree) can find. In general, claim adjusters take care of the part of insurance that customers really care about – getting paid when they have a claim. CAT adjusters typically are called out to work hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and other catastrophes. We teach the nuts and bolts of the entire process.

1 We get to help people at their point of need
2 Extraordinary income potential - professionals in the field typically make between $20-50K a month

Most CAT adjusters work about 3-4 months out of the year

4 Tax benefits of being an Independent Contractor
5 Be your own boss
6 Flexible schedule (significant off-season)

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