CAT adjusters are Catastrophe adjusters (CAT is short for Catastrophe) unlike staff adjusters who are employees of a single insurance company, Cat Adjusters are typically independent contractors who are able to work for a number of different insurance companies and/or independent adjusting firms and are called out when a catastrophic loss exceeds the insurance carriers ability to handle the claims in a timely manner using only their staff adjusters. In general, all claim adjusters take care of the part of insurance that customers really care about getting paid when they have a claim. Many people come into CAT adjusting from a construction, remodeling, or contracting background. These are excellent backgrounds for CAT adjusting, however, if you have a construction / contracting background; beware. We have seen many of these fail as CAT adjusters because they do not understand the difference between writing an adjusters estimate and a contractor's estimate. That is why insurance adjusting training is so crucial. Many people enter into a career as a Cat adjuster by being referred into the career by an existing Cat adjuster, or from someone who has heard that the career is a lucrative one. A career as a Cat adjuster can be quite profitable if you are willing to do what it takes to become a well-trained, experienced professional.


1 We get to help people at their point of need
2 Extraordinary income potential - professionals in the field typically make between $20-50K a month

Most CAT adjusters work about 3-4 months out of the year

4 Tax benefits of being an Independent Contractor
5 Be your own boss
6 Flexible schedule (significant off-season)

To read more about what is required to succeed as a Cat adjuster, see WHAT IS TAKES TO SUCCEED



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