As the years have gone by, excellent adjuster training has all but disappeared based on our observation. This fact is the inspiration behind the creation of
CIA Training Academy – simply stated, we were created to fill this void. We have one absolute priority – to train motivated individuals to be the hands-down, best Catastrophe (CAT) Adjusters in the industry - to locate, then educate those individuals who aspire to excellence, then coach them in the what, how and why of cat adjusting. We equip our students with the training, tools, resources, placement and field support necessary for them to thrive in an environment that most (working their first storm) find intimidating and complex at best.

We are fortunate to have an enormously talented staff who were hand-picked for their experience as well as the fact that they truly care about each individual student’s future. Our staff has a collective 48 years experience in the adjusting field. Each and every staff member is an experienced field adjuster, having worked down in the trenches, as a CAT adjuster. We collectively have worked a multitude of different major cat events over the years, adjusting over a $billion in claims between us. Each staff member has an extensive background in the subject that they are teaching. We hand-picked the very best at what each of these individuals do, and invited them to join our instructor team. Our instructors are engaging, entertaining and most importantly, very good at teaching their subject.

Contrast that with much of what is being offered out there – what we call ‘widget factories’ grinding out massed-produced quantities of licensee’s, as opposed to prepared, well-trained adjusters. Many of these students receive little to no actual training of how and why professional CAT adjusters do what they do - no real placement assistance to speak of and certainly no field support and thus, very little chance of long-term success.

Obviously if you do not have a seasoned professional to take you under their wing, you have to look for an alternative way of entering into the industry. We believe that our academy offers the next-best thing to the apprenticeship avenue of entry into a cat adjusting career. Having mentored a number of apprentices in the field throughout the years, we have become rather adept at knowing what the apprentice needs to know, teaching them how to do what they need to accomplish, and even explaining the why behind what we are teaching them. Since we obviously cannot take dozens of apprentices under our wing at a time, we have created what we believe to be the next best thing available. It is this apprentice experience that we have come near duplicating in our curriculum. As we discuss each course, we will address how that specific course meets the needs of the student from an apprenticeship point of view.

If you are one of the lucky individuals who knows a seasoned adjuster willing to take you on as an apprentice and ‘teach you the ropes’, then you are truly fortunate – these weekend courses are perfect for you. However, for the rest of you, if you believe that you have what it takes, but simply do not know an experienced adjuster willing to take you under their wing, then there is a reasonable alternative available – the CIA Training Academy. We take the many years experience that we’ve had training numerous apprentice adjusters and simply transfer that training to the classroom.

We are certified by the department of insurance to do what we do – our course provider number is 3734. CIA training academy can be found on the Texas Department of Insurance web site: https://wwwapps.tdi.state.tx.us/inter/asproot/agent/ce/search_adjpl.asp
(We are listed as Steve Ray Patirck dba CIA Training Academy )

We encourage those motivated individuals who thrive in a culture of excellence to learn more about our academy and discover for yourself what cat adjusting is really all about. Class size is limited to 30 students to maintain an intimate learning environment.



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