If the purpose of attending our Academy is to help you maintain or improve skills relating to employment or business, your tuition may be tax-deductible according to the I.R.C., Reg. 1.162-5. Consult your tax advisor before you make a decision based upon this tax information. Each one of our courses are tailored to pick up the slack that is inherent when an individual is attempting to break into the Cat adjusting industry without a mentor taking them on as an apprentice. Each course takes you through the learning process exactly the same way that we have mentored apprentices out in the field. Rather than looking at each course individually here, we’ll take a look at how each course builds upon the previous course, moving the student along in the process of attaining the apprenticeship styled education. Firstly, we teach the student the “What” of Cat adjusting. What insurance is, the different types of insurance and how that relates to adjusters. This is our Basic Course named the ‘Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Adjuster Training’. This course makes you an adjuster in name only by qualifying you to become a licensed adjuster with the State of Texas; The second course teaches the licensee/student the “How” of Cat adjusting. How a professional adjuster does what he does – all the way from preparing for a Cat event at home, through the completion of the scope notes in the field. This course is named ‘Residential Adjusting 101’; The third course teaches the student how to enter their hand-written information that they have gathered in their scope notes (at the insured’s inspection/interview) into the computer program required by the insurance carrier - Xactimate or IntegriClaim. This course takes the student step-by-step through the computer entry steps, even for those students who consider themselves to be computer phobic. This course is named the “Adjuster Estimating Program Course’; Future courses will address a far greater understanding of insurance policies, getting your NFIP flood certification, your California Earthquake Authority certification, your Texas Wind Insurance Assoc. certification, and learning how to use QuickBooks for adjusters. Additionally, we teach our students who have little or no knowledge of construction terms or techniques, a unique way of getting a very thorough understanding of these trades without having to get a job as a contractor. Once you have some experience under your belt and have adjusted worked at least two storms and have completed at least 200 claims by yourself, then you qualify to be a candidate for our Commercial Adjusting 101 Course. 







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